Sausage Stuffers

Food Machinery / Sausage Stuffers


Item Image Description
13721 Sausage Stuffer Horizontal 10KG 10KH
13739 Model 7KV
Sausage Stuffer Vert 7KG
19454 Sausage Stuffer S/S 10L Vertical
13760 Stainless Steel Manual Sausage Stuffer SSMSS1005
13721 Sausage Stuffer Horizontal 10KG 10KH

Products listed in the Clearance Center are either overstock, returned by customers, or have been refurbished.  Our Clearance products may have some scratches, nicks, and/or are new, but are not in their original box.  We are unable to list every specific detail of each product's condition.  All sales from the Clearance Center are final. Clearance products carry a 30-day warranty or guarantee.


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