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Constructed with easy move wheels and Anti-tip mechanism. Can accommodate a 20 or 30 lb propane tank.
Item Number: 43595
Model: PH-CN-0014
Material: Stainless Steel
Safety Features: 100% Burner shut-off
Heat Range: Up to 20 foot diameter
Inlet Gas Supply Pressure:
Maximum - 10.5" W.C.
Minimum- 7.0"W.C.
Fuel: Use propane or butane gas only
Gas Supply Pressure: 120 PSI
Consumption: 450g/hr - 870g/hr
Weight: 42 lbs.
Dimensions (Dia. x H): 31” x 87.5”
* The whole gas system, hose, regulator, or burner should be inspected for leaks before use.
* Wheels included

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