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100% natural sorbets, ice creams and more
with Pacojet 1 in your kitchen!

Pacojet 1 is unique food processor widely used by many famous chefs worldwide to produce a large variety of both sweet and savory recipes. Pacojet takes the work out of making quality superior frozen desserts. From 100% natural sorbets, made only from fresh fruit, to smooth ice creams which can be either full fat, yogurt-based or even dairy-free. But that’s not all! Pacojet can also be used to process savory recipes ranging from light, airy, mouse and fine pâtés or farces to vegetable and herb concentrates with which an infinite of variety of soups and sauces can be created. Whatever ingredients a chef’s imagination conjures up, Pacojet can purée it to perfection. We guarantee it!

• Freezing locks in freshness and aroma. No preservatives, no additives needed.
• Enables reduction in sugar and fat without sacrificing quality or taste.
• Saves time, labour, raw material. Eliminates straining through a sieve. Fast! Makes 1 liter in under 4 minutes.
• Very versitile. Many applications.
• Convenient: prepare recipies anytime, then freeze and store until needed.
• Processes without breaking freezing chain. Partly used beaker can be safely put back in freezer. NO WASTAGE!
• Cleaning cycle takes only 1 minute.
• Made in Switzerland.

Omcan is Pacojet's Canadian distributor. Only available to ship to Canadian addresses.

Model: Pacojet System
Rated Input Power: 1000W
Beaker Capacity: 1 L / 1.2 QT
Blade Revolution: 2000 RPM
Electrical: 110V / 60Hz / 1
Ideal Pacotizing Temperature: -22°C / -8°F
30 lbs. / 14 kg.
Dimensions (DWH): 15" x 8" x 20"
Item #: 39671

Items Included:

Set of 4 Beakers with Lids
Item #: 39675
Pacojet Coupe Set
Item #: 39743

• 2-Blade Cutter.
• 4-Blade Cutter.
• Whipping Disc.

Annual preventive maintenance tune-up package
Item #: 39828

• Replacement of all pressure tubes.
• Replacement of damaged clutch belts.
• Re-greasing of clutch.
• Replacement of scraper seal.
• Cleaning and re-greasing of profle drive shaft.
• Inspection of motor for wear and tear.
• Inspection of magnetic blade holder.
• Inspection of blade and black splash guard
(provided they are sent with the machine).
• Inspection of capacitors on the main processor print.
• Shipping charges and tax are extra.

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