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Discover the magic of ‘pacotizing’
with Pacojet 2

Pacojet 2 is the next generation kitchen machine that elevates ordinary cooking to culinary excellence. Pacotizing enables chefs to ‘micropurée’ fresh, frozen foods into ultralight mousses, naturally fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces or fillings without thawing. Intensive flavours, natural colours and vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions.

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Innovative features developed for Pacojet 2:
> New colour graphic display and touch screen with intuitive icons
> New, revolutionary pacotizing features for fresh, frozen foods:
Whole and decimal portions - perfect for precise quantities
> Optional air pressure mode with automatic depressurization -
Pressure release during a processing cycle possible
> Overfill rescue function -
Pacojet senses and recovers overfilled beaker contents automatically without the need to thaw
> New, special programs for processing fresh, non-frozen foods with the Pacojet Coupe Set:
-Cutting/Chopping (e.g. tartar)
- Mixing/Whipping (e.g. liquid foods)
All without generating heat - a processing cycle takes just 1 minute!
> Easier to operate and now customizable:
- Comprehensive, illustrated instruction manual
- Complete cleaning cycle shown on the display - visual guidance for simple and hygienic cleaning of the machine -Customization of user settings
- customize your Pacojet 2 to fit your preferences and needs
> New international Pacojet 2 recipe book - featuring exquisite culinary inspirations created by Pacojet chefs from around the World
> High-quality accessories with sustainable value
- All Pacojet 1 accessories are compatible with Pacojet 2

Technical Information:

RATE OF ROTATION: Motor: 6000 rpm, Pacotizing blade: 2000 rpm
OVERPRESSURE: approx. 1.2 bar / 17.4 psi
ELECTRICAL: 110V / 60Hz / 1
14.2” x 7.9” x 19.7” / 360.7 x 200.7 x 500.4 mm
WEIGHT: 35 lbs / 15.7 kg
SHIPPING WEIGHT: 48.4 lbs / 22 kg
PACKAGING DIMENSIONS: 23.62” x 11.81” x 19.68” / 60cm x 30cm x 50cm

Spec Sheet Instruction Manual Do's & Don'ts PACOJET Quick Guide


Pacojet 2 system includes

• 1 Pacojet Machine
• 1 pacotizing blade
• 1 spray guard
• 2 pacotizing beakers with lid
• 1 outer “protective” beaker
• 1 chrome spatula
• 1 recipe book*

• 1 instruction manual
• 1 blue sealing ring
• 1 green rinsing ring
• 1 blue cleaning insert "tritan"

Pacojet Recipe book

(Click to enlarge)
Pacojet Recipe book Pacojet Recipe book Pacojet Recipe book

  * Recipe book featuring exquisite culinary inspirations created by Pacojet chefs from around the World  
Coupe Set
Item#: 39743
Increase your profits and menu versatility:
Discover the unique Pacojet Coupe Set with Pacojet 2 Pacojet 2 offers dedicated functions for the Pacojet Coupe Set, expanding its application range to processing fresh, non-frozen foods in various styles, e.g. raw/cooked meat, fish, herbs, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cream etc. Chop, mince, purée, whip, cream, foam and/or mix to the desired texture in just 60 seconds - all without generating heat.

Cutter Tongs: Lets you safely affix the cutter blades
4-Blade Cutter: For fine textures: mousses, purees (eg.terrines/pâtés).
2-Blade Cutter: For course textures: meat/fish (eg. Tartare, Herbs, etc.)
Whipping Disc: For whip cream, egg whites or mix/foam, fruit based creams, milkshakes etc.

Beakers with lids
Item#: 39675
Set of 4 Beakers with lids
Further Accessories
Item: 39733
Pacotizing Blade “Gold”

• Hardened with titanium-nitride
• Last 3x longer than the regular blade

Item: 41698
Insulating Box

• The practical Insulating Box for 4 pacotizing beakers is a big help to protect your deep-frozen preparations from undesired warmth. Proven very handy to transport deep-frozen pacotizing beakers, in the area of Buffet- and Event-Catering as well as in the daily kitchen routine when several pacotizing beakers need to be pacotized subsequently. The Insulating Box is exactly formed for pacotizing beakers and therefore offers optimal insulating properties.
(Delivered without Pacotizing Beakers or Lids.)

Item: 41699
Display Protective Foil For Pacojet 2 (2 pcs.)

• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-scratch

Item#: 39828
Annual preventive maintenance tune-up

• Replacement of all pressure tubes.
• Replacement of damaged clutch belts.
• Re-greasing of clutch.
• Replacement of scraper seal.
• Cleaning and re-greasing of profile drive shaft.
• Inspection of motor for wear and tear.
• Inspection of magnetic blade holder.
• Inspection of blade and black splash guard (provided they are sent with the machine).
• Inspection of capacitors on the main processor print.
• Shipping charges and tax are extra.

Item#: 41328
PACOJET2 International Receipe Book
• Celebrating 20 Years Of Paco Jet

Item#: 41023
White Lid Beaker

Item#: 39673
Spray Guard

Item#: 39674
Protective Outer Beaker

Standard Pacotizing Blade
Item#: 39731
Rinsing Insert

Item#: 39732
Sealing Ring with Cleaning Insert

Item#: 40520

Item#: 39734 
Cleaning Insert with Rotating Brushes

How Pacojet works:

"Pacotizing" = processing frozen recipes without thawing them.

Select fresh, top-quality meat, fish, fruit or vegetables and place into a pacotizing beaker. Next add your preferred ingredients and top up the beaker with a liquid of your choice. Deep freeze to -22°C (-8°F) for at least 24hrs. When you are ready to use, simply mount the beaker onto the Pacojet, select the number of portions you need and press “Start”.

The high-precision Pacojet blade spins at 2,000 rpm, shaving a micro-thin layer off the top of the frozen food, resulting in an ultra-smooth texture. Unused beaker contents remain frozen solid to be used later at your convenience.

1. Take the frozen beaker (your recipe frozen to -22°C / -8°F) out of the freezer and attach directly to the machine. 2. A high-speed blade "shaves" an extremely fine layer with each revolution and processes a portion in just 20 seconds... 3. ...producing a creamy, very finely-textured end product to -12°C (+10°F), the ideal serving temperature for frozen desserts. Serve or hold in an ice cream cabinet or service freezer at -12°C to -15°C (10° to 5°F).

> Uses the innovative technology of “pacotizing”- precision-spinning all types of foods into a fine, creamy consistency
> Works through deep-frozen foods without thawing, locking in optimal freshness and nutrients
> Prepares individual portions in 20 seconds - unused ingredients can simply be placed back into the freezer
> Produces ice creams and sorbets at the ideal serving temperature
> With the optional Coupe Set also chops, dices or purees fresh (non-frozen) produce, meats and fish without generating heat, for optimum hygiene, flavour and colour

For Pacojet no quantity is too large or too small

Makes one portion (approx. 3.5 fl oz) in 20 seconds or
an entire beaker (1 Liter / 1.2 quarts) in less than 4 minutes.

Instructional Videos:
Watch our short video clips to see for yourself why Pacojet has become an essential tool for more than 30,000 chefs worldwide.
Concept   Set up and use   Speed and flexibility
From appetizers to desserts, produce the finest sauces, concentrates, mousses and ice creams while intensifying the natural aromas of fresh ingredients. Watch the video clip to learn how Pacojet can become an indispensible part of your kitchen. Transform fresh ingredients into savoury purees or ready-to-serve, high-quality sorbets and ice creams by processing them frozen, without thawing. Watch the video clip to see how it works. Processing is fast and fully automatic. Make a single portion in seconds, 1 litre in 4 minutes and 15 litres in an hour. Place unused quantities back in the freezer for later use. Watch the video clip to see how much time and effort Pacojet can save you.
Coupe set   Read before using    
With the optional Coupe Set accessory kit, the Pacojet becomes a fully-automatic, state-of-the-art cutter, grinder, blender, foamer and creamer. Its innovative design allows the blade to rotate through the contents from the top without adding heat and, accentuating freshness, flavour and colour of the finest foods. Although using the Pacojet is easy and uncomplicated, please be sure to read the instructions for important tips before first use. Watch the video clip to learn the correct way to pacotize.  


1 year warranty, 5 year motor

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