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Commercial Film/Aluminum Foil Dispenser

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Commercial Film/Aluminum Foil Dispenser

  • Transparent front panel to monitor supply
  • Removable lid makes loading heavy rolls easier
  • Beveled and polished outer edges provide elegance and safety protection
  • Rubber feet and sturdy construstion allow easy dispensing
  • Drop-in cutting blade/ Slide cutter(Only available in U.S.) for replacement
  • Does not rust and attract germs
  • Perfect for plastic wrap, aluminum foil and more
  • Film not included
  • Commercial Film/ Aluminum Foil Dispenser
    Item Number: 43032

    Commercial Film/ Aluminum Foil Dispenser

    ITEM NUMBER 43032 Spec PDF
    DESCRIPTION 17” - 18” Black Commercial film / aluminum foil dispenser.
    Comes with a metal blade/ Slide cutter (Only available in U.S.) and 2 sets of roll holder. Film not included.
    SIZES OF HOLDERS (FLANGE) (Large) 2.88” / 73 mm Dia., (Small) 1.88” / 47.8 mm Dia.
    MATERIAL 6mm thick Acrylic
    ROLL LENGTHS 600 - 1600 m
    WEIGHT 7.2 lb / 3.365 kg
    DIMENSIONS 20” x 7” x 7.4” / 506 x 181 x 188 mm
    GROSS DIMENSIONS 21” x 8” x 8.4”/ 533 x 203 x 213 mm


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    30 Days warranty

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