Aluminum Utility Scoop

Smallware / Restaurant Essential / Aluminum Utility Scoop

Aluminum Scoop with Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop with Flat Bottom
4 oz, 7 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz

  • Single-piece construction for better sturability
  • Stackable, provides space-efficient storage
  • Feature straight front edge and tapered end for eaching bottoms
    and corners of containers easily
  • Ideal for ice, flour and any bulk ingredients

One-Piece Aluminum Scoops One-Piece Aluminum Scoops
5 oz, 12 oz, 24 oz, 38 oz, 58 oz, 85 oz

These handy aluminum scoops are good choice for any foodservices. Their 1 piece seamless design and the grooved handles give the scoops extra strength. Compared to plastic scoops, aluminum scoops hardly break. Perfect for scooping many small items, such as spices, bulk, sugar and ice.


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