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That’s right, ages up to 150kg of dry-aged meat in as little as 11 days! Maturmeat® specializes in aging, drying, and a flavoring for a variety of meats and for all who want to specialize in the production of prime quality meat!

Key Features:

  • ClimaTouch® is a revolutionary control system equipped with a 6-inch touch screen display that automatically manages processing stages, and pH balances during fermenting, drying, seasoning, salting, smoking/flavouring
  • Designed with 352kg RAM for 100 recipes with 30 preset recipes included
  • Tank system designed to work with Fumotic® to provide regulated humidity and aroma flavours at your convenience
  • Included pre-calibrated pH probe included
  • Optional setup, installation, and product training available upon request
  • This item is shipped on a pallet

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