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Omcan’s single-speed dough fork mixer provides the perfect kneading solution for medium to large baking establishments. This unit comes in with a built-in timer to provide better control of the mixing process and allows the operator to multi-task by setting and forgetting. With this mixer you ensure consistent results every time!

Key Features
• This unit comes equipped with a high quality stainless steel bowl, fork, holder shaft and bowl guard
• Body is manufactured powder-coated steel that houses all transmission and mechanical components
• Equipped with powerful motor, trapezoidal belts, and two reduction gears that work independently for the bowl and fork
• The rotating parts are assembled on ball-bearings
• Capable of kneading of up to 25 kilograms of dough
• The electrical system and safety devices conform to European Regulations
• Comes with a built in timer

Item number: 44256
Product available here: https://bit.ly/2HKpiR7