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Making sausages in-house gives you the best quality at a low cost! Fully control the production process, and enjoy the privilege of choosing your favourite type of meat, fat, and spices, and turning your one of a kind sausage into a signature dish!


  • Offers dependability for a variety of residential and commercial applications
  • The aluminum gear-box and two steel bars create a more sturdy frame
  • Safer and more sanitary structure by covering all gears with the gear box
  • Prevents the abnormal wear of the gears if the frame and threaded rod are not aligned up well
  • Comes with 3 plastic stuffing tubes

Product availability:

Stainless steel 6-LB/3KG Vertical Direct Drive Manual Sausage Stuffer – Item 44203
Stainless Steel 15-LB/7KG Vertical Direct Drive Manual Sausage Stuffer – Item 44205