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Pizza Pizza Party!

Our Omcan spirit team winners from October won themselves a pizza party and graciously shared with the whole company. Thank you Pizza Pizza for the catered lunch, doesn’t it look delicious?!

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Make Your Next Event a Sweet One with Omcan’s Cotton Candy Machine!

Do you want to make your next event even sweeter? Omcan’s cotton candy machine is sure to give your guests a sugar rush! Ideal for birthdays, carnivals, festivals, corporate events, weddings, and so much more. Guests of all ages will have fun spinning cotton candy with this easy-to-use and safe machine!

For more information, check out our full selection of cotton candy machines and equipment here:

To watch the full video, follow the link to our YouTube channel here:


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Omcan’s Caffé Veloce Series!

Serve warm coffee fast and effectively with our Caffé Veloce series. Brew large quantities of piping hot coffee in a 2L thermal carafe, air pot, and twice the amount with two decanters. There has never been a better time to invest in hot beverage equipment than now with Caffé Veloce!

Shop our selection here:
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with 2 Glass Decanter – 2.2L Tank Capacity – Item 44313
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with 2L Air Pot – Item 44314
Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with 2L Thermal Carafe – Item 44315

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Happy Halloween from Omcan!

Dirt cupcakes with juicy worms, chocolate treat bags, spooky cupcakes, and a healthy helping of poisonous apples, of course! The Omcan social committee truly outdid themselves with our Halloween bake sale, with all proceeds going to fund more team spirit events in the office!

The Omcan team wishes you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Spirit Month!

Things got spooky here at Omcan this week with our creepy and creative pumpkin carving contest! With Halloween on Thursday, this just about wraps up our office-wide spirit month. We’ve enjoyed crazy hair day, jersey day, twin day, and a Halloween contest and bake sale to come! Take a look at our Facebook stories for all the creative entries!

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Back to the Essentials – Say Hello to the Pacojet Junior!!

Meet the youngest member of the Pacojet family, the Pacojet Junior! This entry level model exclusively preforms the single most important function: Pacotizing® micro-pureeing fresh, deep-frozen food preparations under pressure.

Key Features:

  • Easy to operate button control display
  • Application specific portioning: process entire beakers at once or in 10 individual portions
  • Energy-saving standby function
  • Monitoring and rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Manual pressure release
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning with included accessories*
    *1 Pacotizing® beaker with lid
    *Protective outer beaker
    *Spray guard
    *Pacotizing® blade “standard” (item 39672)
    *Cleaning insert (blue)
    *Sealing ring (blue)
    *Rinsing insert (green)
    *Recipe flyer


As part of our commitment to serve you better, we are proud to announce that we are now the official Pacojet Service Depot for the West Coast. Servicing for your Pacojet just became a whole lot easier and faster. Our helpful staff will make sure you receive great quality service and at a reasonable price! We provide an immediate diagnosis and personalized quote for your Pacojet issues. Best of all, our repairs are backed by a warranty on parts and labor. Looking for fast service? Omcan got you covered.

For more information, please contact us as 1-800-465-0234 or emails us at

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Introducing the Pacojet 2 Plus!

The all-new Pacojet 2 Plus by Pacojet is your next kitchen must-have! The Pacojet 2 includes a new programmable automatic repeat function and new blade locking system, ensuring that each pacotizing®

blade “Gold-PLUS” is securely anchored.

  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Four calibratable processing modes: pacotizing®, cutting/chopping, mixing, and cleaning
  • Application specific portioning: process ensure beakers at once or work micro-portion specific
  • Rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Powerful motor, with up to 5-years of warranty
  • Portion counter to monitor utility to date
  • Simple, display-guided, system cleaning
  • Includes accessories*
    *2 Pacotizing® beakers
    *2 Beaker Lids
    *Spray guard
    *Protective outer beakers
    *Pacotizing® blade “Gold-PLUS” (only compatible to Pacojet 2 PLUS)
    *Cleaning insert (blue)
    *Sealing ring (blue)
    *Rinsing insert (green)
    *International recipe book 2 PLUS

Learn more about the Pacojet 2 PLUS here

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Omcan Spirit Month Kick Off!

Here we go! We’re kicking off Omcan October spirit month with themed Fridays and fall food drive in support of The Mississauga Food Bank. So far, we’re “crushing” spirit month with generous canned-good donations and some wacky team building days coming up. Our fun Fridays will lead up to Halloween, the ultimate team spirit day! Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in giving back to the community follow the link to The Mississauga Food Bank here!

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Floor Band Saw – Cut Slabs of Meat Quickly and Precisely!

Ideal for large restaurants, butchers, delicatessens, and supermarkets, Omcan makes slicing through slabs of meat an easy task! Our 2-HP floor band saw is fully manufactured in frosted stainless steel. Its stainless steel table has a four-wheel base that slides on rails. Easy to disassemble for quick cleaning and maintenance.

• Fully manufactured in frosted stainless steel.
• Semi-industrial, adapted for large restaurants, butchers, delicatessens and supermarkets.
• The butterfly nut, located at the upper end of the crest, has the purpose of adjusting the pulley that straps the band saw to avoid the oscillation of the belt.
• The table consists of a piece of stainless steel; equipped with four wheels that run on a rail for easy handling and cutting of meat.
• It has a sliding arm with instant blocker, which can be placed in any desired position to select the thickness of the meat as desired.

Learn more about our Floor Band Saws here.

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Turn Your One of a Kind Sausages into a Signature Dish!

Making sausages in-house gives you the best quality at a low cost! Fully control the production process, and enjoy the privilege of choosing your favourite type of meat, fat, and spices, and turning your one of a kind sausage into a signature dish!


  • Offers dependability for a variety of residential and commercial applications
  • The aluminum gear-box and two steel bars create a more sturdy frame
  • Safer and more sanitary structure by covering all gears with the gear box
  • Prevents the abnormal wear of the gears if the frame and threaded rod are not aligned up well
  • Comes with 3 plastic stuffing tubes

Product availability:

Stainless steel 6-LB/3KG Vertical Direct Drive Manual Sausage Stuffer – Item 44203
Stainless Steel 15-LB/7KG Vertical Direct Drive Manual Sausage Stuffer – Item 44205

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