Rebates may vary by location and are subject to cancellation by local provider.

STEP 1: Know what type of machine you’re looking for and the model number for it.

STEP 2: Go to

STEP 3: The five Gas and Electric companies will appear. Under each companies, you will see a list of different options. Choose “Qualifying Product List.

STEP 4: An excel sheet will come up with the following machine type headers at the bottom. From that list, choose the category that best represents your machine. Once you have chosen which type of machine, you will see on your page different set of categories. Under “Model Number” find your machine’s model number. Once you do so, you have confirmed your machine is eligible for rebate and you will know your rebate amount. Copy all information you need in relation to your machine on that page as it will be used to fill out your rebate application. If you don’t find it, you could be looking under the wrong machine type tab or your machine isn’t eligible for rebate any longer.

STEP 5: Click your Gas and Electric company below to download the rebates application. On this page, you will have an application to fill out using the information you got from “STEP 5”. There will also be a toll free number you can call for assistance.




Before you get started with your rebates application, make sure you have the following:


List of Omcan items that are qualified for rebates: