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From the top chefs’ secret helper to an absolute “must-have”, the Pacojet has become indispensable in successful professional kitchens worldwide. Why? This unique cooking system combines unlimited creativity with superb results while saving costs.

Pacotizing micro-purees fresh deep-frozen food preparations into a silky-smooth texture without thawing. That’s how culinary creations come to life in their pure and natural form – a superlative experience for all the senses:

• A burst of flavor on the tongue:

Pacotizing increases the surface area of the ingredients many times over, intensifying the aromas.

• An explosion of color

The special processing technique preserves the fresh natural colors of your ingredients.

• Velvety-smooth mouthfeel:

Pacotizing produces ultra-fine, airy textures.

Delight your guests with exquisite taste sensations!