Display Protective Foil for Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS

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Application Instructions
For application, choose a dust-free environment.
Clean the display with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil, grime and dust. Particle remnants can cause blisters underneath the protective foil.
Put down approx. 1/3 of the overlay on the adhesive side (red tab) of the protective foil, paying close attention not to touch the adhesive side.
Mount the protective foil on the display by first aligning the outer edge and applying light pressure.
Now, apply the remaining protective foil with one swift movement using your finger or a credit card, while at the same time, removing the rest or the overlay.
Rub away any blisters that may have formed with your finger or a credit card in the direction of the edges.
Blisters that cannot be removed in the above manner are an indication that there are remnants underneath the foil.
To remove them, lift off the protective foil and, using a piece of adhesive tape, remove any remaining particles from the adhesive side of the protective foil. Reapply the protective foil.
To finish, carefully remove the top surface overlay using the blue tab.

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