28” x 30” Stainless Steel Tandoor Clay Oven – Natural Gas

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Item: 44386

Model: CE-IN-2830

1 Year Parts and Labor
cELTus / ETL Sanitation
564.4 LBS
Cook your authentic and favorite dish with Omcan's tandoor clay oven. Fueled with natural gas, this oven cooks very quickly without burning. It also produces tender, tastier meat as it preserves all the flavors and juices while cooking. Each tandoor includes: skewers for cooking, tawa (hot plate), clay balls, and gaddi for naan making. Also comes with repair kit: includes 1 jar of seasoning (to prevent clay breakage) and additional clay for the clay pot. Shipped on Pallet.

Natural Gas regulatory for each tandoor ovens must be purchased separately.
Disclaimer: Our clay pot integrity is reliant on the way it is handled in the kitchen. The usual life for the integrity of the pot is five years. For this reason, our clay pot is not under warranty.

INTERNAL POT: Clay / Handcrafted
OUTER BOX: Stainless steel
OVER-ALL DIMENSIONS (DWH): 28” x 30” x 36”
NET WEIGHT: 509.3 lbs. / 231 kg.

Item 68123: Additional clay balls (Set of 30)
Item 68124: Additional skewers (Set of 12)

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Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Customer Question and Answer

What is the clearance requirement?
This appliance requires a 6” (150mm) clearance from combustible and non-combustible material and surfaces. Never install propane appliances below grade. A clear space, (rear clearance) of at least 6” (150mm) should be maintained at the rear and sides of the appliance. There must be minimum clearances of 32” (813mm) between top of the appliance and any overhanging shelf. Shelves must be of non-combustible material. It is recommended that the appliance is not installed in draughty locations or near doors. If the appliance is positioned on a combustible floor, sheet material (preferably stainless steel) equal to the base area of the appliance must be secured to the floor prior to fixing the appliance in place. NOTE: For Canadian and U. S. A. installation is authorized only on non-combustible floors.  Ensure that the appliance is level.
What is the clay pot machine made of?
The clay pot is made by hand using century\'s old principle of making clay by craftsmen and artisans involved in making clay.
Is the clay durable?
The clay used in our tandoors is sourced from specific locations in Northern India and made by hand into the curvaceous shape by master craftsmen still using centuries old technique and experience. It is reinforced by natural additives to give it strength for a long lasting experience.
Will the outer body get hot?
Yes, but not like the charcoal barbeque ones. It will be warm outside as the insulation between the clay pot and the outer body prevents the heat loss as to make the tandoor more economical to use. The gas fired Tandoor is cleaner and easier to operate than the original charcoal fired Tandoor from which it was developed. The strategically positioned lava stones over the heat source give the authentic charcoal broiled flavour to the food being cooked.
How much charcoal is needed?
The Tandoor consumes approximately 1kg of wood charcoal every hour.
How is it different from a normal charcoal bbq?
The radiant heat transfer method enclosed by the specific shape of the clay oven pot results in less loss of Vitamins and proteins out of the food being cooked. Thus one gets a perfect aromatic flavour full of nutritious values.
How does it run?
This is a dual fuel barbeque where one can use wood charcoal for the authentic charcoal broiled clay earthen flavour or use a Propane/Butane/Natural Gas burner with a Baffle Plate.(Gas burner not supplied or fitted, Has to be procured locally.)
What does the baffle plate do in case of a Gas option?
The baffle plate pays a very important role when using the gas option as it strategically positions the burner lava as to get the best heat transfer for a quick and economical heating in the oven.
Will the gas option deliver the same taste as that of charcoal fired oven?
No, it cannot as the earthen flavour generated from the wood charcoal enhances the taste of the food cooked in the medium but one can always use the LAVA stones on the baffle plate to get the charcoal broiled flavour.
What is the life of the clay tandoor oven?
Kept with little care it can last long for decades as the clay is strengthened and the body is made on a steel chassis.