Our curing and aging cabinets are design to produce systems that create microclimates for traditional food transformation.  Our goal is to innovate and improve the restaurant and processing industries and the preservation of typical and traditional Italian style and non-Italian style foods in across the globe.


Not mearly a machine, each Stagionello™ consists of 3 patents, designed and tested to create the ideal climate for safe and effective food transformation for salami production. AISI 304 stainless steel has been selected for its high degree of resistance to corrosion and bacteria, it is for this reason that all panels and parts on Stagionello™ that come in contact with food are made from AISI 304. The Climatouch® patent is dedicated for the complete sequencial stage management for each individual phase of salami production (fermenting, drying, seasoning, salting, smoking/flavouring). Designed with a Data-trace system for HACCP monitoring and a serial port for specialized handheld printers.  Fumotic®, the third patent built into all models, helping to regulate humidity by producing when called for. The entire system works synergistically to produce the ideal climate allowing the user to produce traditional salami every month all year round.

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